Adjusting Client — Vendor Relationship

Product development loop

Complexity in Delivering

Based on the explanations above, there are 2 things that are vital to the overall product development process, yet they are susceptible to vague definitions that will only cause harm if handled poorly, especially during Deliver mode:

  • Description on what to deliver
  • Uncertainties during deliver
Aligning OKR, Product roadmap and Product delivery

Talking to External Parties

Now what happens if we’re to replicate this setup in the context of executing product delivery through third party vendor? How many should we adapt? The answer is, not much. However, a major shift needs to happen in what we hand over to the client and this requires a big transformation in mindset on how we treat project.


I’d like to give a big shout out to Sumyandityo Noor for voicing his thought on how startup can utilize vendor better. His opinion influences this writing and reinforced my current understanding. Kudos, mas!



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Adityo Pratomo

Adityo Pratomo


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